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   要赢得世界小姐的冠军头衔,你需要得到最高的积分。从选手抵达之日开始直到总决赛晚会,赛程中会安排一系列比赛环节,这些环节中选手都会按照表现得到不同积分。 在总决赛晚会前共有五项单项奖比赛:沙滩时尚、有意义的美丽、多媒体大奖、运动奖、才艺奖和顶级模特大奖。每个单项奖都给选手展现自我的机会,并为她们带来宝贵的比赛积分。

Beauty with a Purpose

Every year at Miss World many of the contestants take part in charity projects & selfless acts within their community. They present to us their projects and the best project we see receives the Beauty with a Purpose Award, which rewards them with many points towards their final score, but also $10,000 will be presented to the charity that the winner has been working alongside.

In today’s society, multimedia pervade every aspect of life. The internet age has increased people's interaction with all forms of media, whilst social media like Twitter and Facebook has democratised information, putting you, the user, in control. NEW for MW2015 Multimedia Challenge will have 3 elements; Social Media, National Media & Television. == What the judges are looking for: A deep understanding of all forms of media. Style, elegance and the knowledge of what interests people. The ability to interact with a global fan base, and gather support for your cause.

Sports & Fitness
The Sports & Fitness Challenge traditionally starts with a gym based general fitness assessment. The top candidates then go through to a series of sports events, often culturally relevant to the host nation. In 2011 we held a ‘Highland Games’ themed Sports Challenge in Scotland, and in 2013 the contestants participated in a series of Indonesian cultural games. == What the Judges are looking for: The judging is carried out by our professional fitness instructors and scrutinisers who score the contestants on their fitness assessment, before refereeing and adjudicating the sports events that take place. These are then added up to give a final score, and an overall winner of the event.

Every year at Miss World we see an amazing variety of raw talent and trained skills from our contestants. Those who want to enter the event must take auditions in front of our panel of judges from the world of show business and entertainment. After initial cuts, the chosen contestants have time to prepare for the Talent Competition Final! What the judges are looking for: To put it simply, the ‘Wow’ factor. The judges are looking for a really talented individual whose performance sends shivers down their spine. They must also have great stage presence and confidence, dominating the space around them.

Top Model
One of two modelling events, Miss World Top Model varies from year to year, but at its core is a high profile catwalk fashion show in front of a live audience. One of the most popular events at Miss World, the Miss World Top Model event is a chance for the contestants to truly show their modelling credentials. == What the Judges are looking for: A professional approach to the challenge. Good posture, balance and technique are key requisites for a great catwalk model, and these elements will be scrutinised by the judges.



    评审们进行最后一轮评选讨论,选手的比赛积分累计计算之后, 年世界小姐冠军由此诞生并揭晓!


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